squiffy elbows


squiffy elbows ( 6 quatrains of piffle-vest )


feather freckled dinosaurs

finger tingled tidal boars

apple blighted acolytes

chocolate teapot labradors

jackknife island semaphore

junkyard carnage carnivores

serpent laddered stalactites

thunder stumbled underscores

summer sputtered hellebore

mammoth mangled megaspores

silent parrot parasites

peasant pageant petit fours

scrambled eggshell evermore

mustard gas mask guarantors

jagged jawline jacobites

trojan horsefly saddle sore

potion motion sycamore

spiny ivy iron ore

maybe knotted stalagmites

heckled henpecked heretofore

dicey icy sliding doors

drooping soupy superstores

accidental satellites

every twat's a troubadour



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