august a chorus


august a chorus  (  surohc a tsugua  )


dust is a feather

flutters ‘n’ fleeting

rust is the tether

the deign of the done


laugh is a ladder

adders ‘n’ weeping

ink in the bladder

a snail on the run


salad’s a tosser

weasels ‘n’ weaving

cannons ‘n’ fodder

the kiss of a nun


pied is the piper

drummers ‘n’ beating

time is a tiger

the cream in y’ bun


scrawl is a trooper

easter is sleeping

shoot the computer

a laser, a gun


dawn is a walrus

even is creeping

august a chorus

& fade with the sun





it’s not candlemas


it’s not candlemas  ( sameldnac ton s’ti )


i’ll wear no duffel coat

i shall not ruddy freeze

the air is hot as fook

& jam’s the clinging breeze

a sticky swollocks bitch

the willow wicket’s glued

it’s flippin’ cricket shit

a blizzard’s pissin’ screwed

the ninja frost is not

upon my twinkle toes

the sun’s a raisin bun

& runny honey flows

the flamin’ morning snores

a sleeping, snoozing cat

as it’s not candlemas

– coz it’s august, y’ twat







































































august is calling


august is calling  ( gnillac si tsugua  )

august is calling

maunders a morning

sings with the kettle

bristles the dawning

whistles of thistles

drizzle is pouring

babbles the brambles

taps on the awning

gargles a garden

rivers are roaring

spins in the thicket

nettles are sprawling

mumbles of thunder

buzzards are soaring

adders & ladders

staggers & stalling

clouded & shrouded

summer is crawling

orchards are heaving

carrion squalling

back is the endish

petals are falling

green is the evening

august is calling