nine nouns


nine nouns ( snuon enine )

pencil peppermint wizard

submarine opal slovenia

cyanide cinnamon cydonia

non-ode to a blister


non-ode to a blister  (  retsilb a ot edo-non  )


scourge of the jogger

the ambler & i

summer’s a temptress

but irksome is thy


wart of the walker

the tithe of the tread

rhymer of sister

the colour of red


brother of rubber

a badger of me

snare of the wearing

the sting of a bee


fruit of my friction

the shoe & the fro

rambling batters

the dermis below



& superfluous

singing & springing

& blooming with pus


mole of the sockless

the toll of a plod

this little fucker’s

a burdensome sod


how now, bouncing balls?


how now, bouncing balls?  (  ?sllab gnicnuob ,won woh  )

how now, bouncing balls?

seesaw sauropods

penfriend semaphore

duck quack, rubber walls

duck quack, rubber walls

splashback bladder whacks

sasquatch sassenach

crabwise waterfalls

crabwise waterfalls

eyes weep onion dice

slomo yodel so

flap, flap phantom scrawls

flap, flap phantom scrawls

fly tip tinsel toes

wassail peak & dale

town's down - streets & sprawls

town's down - streets & sprawls

sanskrit avenues

u-turn unicorns

sweet tea drinking halls

sweet tea drinking halls

burnt bush bursaries

bird brain chatter rain

chime, climbed curtain calls

chime,climbed curtain calls

headfuck flatulence

glue gun gulliver

snared hare wares & all's

snared hare wares & all's

norse gorse, stalks & hawks

celt felt feather brow

how now, bouncing balls?



cripes on a bicycle


cripes on a bicycle  (  a  l o g i s t i c a l  d a y d r e a m  )

hedges of edgelands

bricks of the styx

dung of the beetles

tongue of the beaks

larks of the arse-ends

friends of the blends

romans & yeomans

mud on their cheeks

hawks of the hill-borne

whores of the moors

warbles of walrus

scaling the peaks

whales of the forest

foals of the vales

jiggles & jumbles

gifts bearing greeks

quails of the dale's dip

bees on the breeze

barons in manors

breathing antiques

berks & bezerkers

clowns in the town

rats in the churches

whispering squeaks

birds of the burbles

hares of the wares

bears of the woodland

shitting in creaks

bats in the valley

shepherds & sheep

tremble when thunder

rumbles & speaks