cripes on a bicycle


cripes on a bicycle  (  a  l o g i s t i c a l  d a y d r e a m  )

hedges of edgelands

bricks of the styx

dung of the beetles

tongue of the beaks

larks of the arse-ends

friends of the blends

romans & yeomans

mud on their cheeks

hawks of the hill-borne

whores of the moors

warbles of walrus

scaling the peaks

whales of the forest

foals of the vales

jiggles & jumbles

gifts bearing greeks

quails of the dale's dip

bees on the breeze

barons in manors

breathing antiques

berks & bezerkers

clowns in the town

rats in the churches

whispering squeaks

birds of the burbles

hares of the wares

bears of the woodland

shitting in creaks

bats in the valley

shepherds & sheep

tremble when thunder

rumbles & speaks



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