one man band split

after the spanners of

      the backstage brawl

over groupies, hygiene

      royalty payments

& who should sit where

      on the coach / bus

the one man band

      broke apart – split up

his left arm’s in rehab

      frozen turkey cold

getting off the calpol

      the benylin & tizer

climbing spinning walls

      somewhere in antartica

his chest is at rest

      in a green death cult

his right arm’s gone solo

      & gospel-techno-metal

it slagged off all the others

      in the n.m.e

his arse is soiled & foiled again

      his legs have formed a duo

they’re working on new material

      – acid skiffle beats

his nob still plays the bongos

      & tours with harry styles

his chin is writing a novel

      & still keeps in touch with his tongue

both his cauliflower ears

      – are now a serving mayor

      left in daventry

plus the right in aberdare

his belly button’s

      on reality t.v

big ballroom dancing

      in the jungle kitchen

in a recent press release

      his head just said

“good riddance”


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