upon a sodden morning plod

another daze on muddle earth
around the sound of browning turf
another death, another birth
a beetle’s back, a heaving clod

the eventide, the onion’s skin
a ghost within a stroking chin
the see y’ then in let’s begin
the splash is back, the path is trod

a green retreat, the gist of so
a smoker stubs his little toe
the roar is but the river’s flow
& strucken like a lightning rod

the day’s awash – a roaming sea
a badger in a bladder’s scree
is wazzing on the ash’s tree
& sinking with a winking nod

the breezes wheeze the cheese’s chalk
& ponder as the corvids squawk
the bend is yet another fork
an odyssey in socks of odd

a scattering of chatter’s brain
a bucket load o’ soaking rain
& fuck it’s pissing on again
upon a sodden morning plod

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