night quiz

but can the foxes foxtrot

– perhaps a raunchy rumba?

      & is the blue moon stilton

      – cambazola or buxton?

do barn owls barn dance too

& sometimes roost in sheds?

      & if so – are they barn owls

      or “shed owls” then instead?

why’s the sun invisible?

where the eff’s it gone?

      do the dead snore?

      do birds dream they’re human?

do shooting stars shoot blanks?

how do those vampires shave

      – as mirrors won’t do shit?

      are ghosts afraid of us

– the quizzical insomniacs

who amble, stroking chins?

      how do bats fly upright?

      is the plough a question mark?

– what is the question?

wonders the sky out loud

      sounding off again

      – belt it up, orion

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