poetry’s a spanner


poetry’s a spanner ( rennaps a s’yrteop )

sing a song of sinking sand
inking with a hidden hand
dwindle in a mirror land
spot y’ doppelgänger

pissing on the garden lawn
of a twisted misted morn
as the farting farmers yawn
gargle martian grammar

see beyond the jibber’s swan
jabbering the bland of yon
grab the dunce’s hat ‘n’ don
stuttering a stammer

runcible’s the silver spoon
nincompoop the afternoon
we, the piffle’s children loon
waving not a banner

picking pickled prosody
paper plane this odyssey
every sock’s an oddity
when the ham’s a hammer

am’ the dram’ of river flows
quiver then the feather blows
scribble on with broken toes
poetry’s a spanner

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