middle may not march


middle may not march ( hcram ton yam elddim )

red shepherd sunrise

warning the morning

      sights for sore iris

      & drooping bluebell

ends in beginnings

bring your own picnic

      pencils in cases


glistening magpies

pied like a wagtail

      pipers inside us

      miming the high notes

playing the rhubarb

fooling the pudding

      pissing the parcel

      fluttering butter

spring is a fucker

further’s a murmur

      chasing a sun day

      whistle a willow

walking in warbles

spooling in cagoules

      piriton’s flashbacks

      sneezing the pastures

yes is a nomad

walk upon england

      blake is awakened

      so sod the machine

newton is sleeping

twofold’s a thistle

      beulah beckons

      & god save the green

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