proper gander walrus


proper gander walrus ( surlaw rednag reporp )

gutted after narnia

invaded ruritania

      all fawns are scum now

      & aslan is cancelled

cake sales soar

sows fly again

      as the badgers dance

      in antacid rain

right on cuneiform

flags become masks

      – or masks become flags

      ( merging like a slip road )

sloping with the scales

on the serpentine tales

      of the snooze of either sideways

      – true soothsayers

with a rowan nose

smell the dealt of all

      everyone’s forever

      see the pants in pantomimes

ants in a trance

spot the dashing dots

      blue & yellow bots

      them of banging pots

drink from the hose

on the vicar’s front garden

      gargle in reverse

      so a signet sings

be a song beyond

the feature length finale

      cut – that’s a wrap

      darling, you were wonderful

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