’tis nesting season


’tis nesting season ( nosaes gnitsen sit’ )

larks up the stuffed arse
of a scarecrow host

settled in the crack
with straw galore

where the air is warming
up the incubator

snipes take a nap
in a hiker’s knapsack

caw, there’s a jackdaw
on a cooling tower

chaffinches with gathered twigs
on the brass band’s stand

pied wagtails
inside a postbox

widgeons under wigs
of judges in the courthouse

one quack for innocent
two for boil alive

noisy oyster catchers
at it in the attic

ten thousand barn owls
in the garden shed

goshawks & auks
flapping in your head

pigeons in me cuckoo clock
coo & crack anew

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