we built this poem …


we built this poem … ( … meop siht tliub ew )

we built this poem
with the cheapskate ink

from a thousand
poundland pens

written by chimps
drinking p.g tips

in the jungles of the midlands
with a gibbon editor

we built this poem
with a million paper planes

& drops upon the panes
as it often rains

rhymes from behind
the anus of the sofa

candle wax & zinc
plus the kitchenette’s sink

when in rome – i toga
with a pointy nose

shadow ban this wrongthink
send the soy boys round

this is bracken english
normalzzz is an android

mettle melting ice
& a then reprise

we built this poem
from the scribbles of the daft

lost in uncle nature’s

dance if y’know
the scatters of the flow

no refunds
serves y’ right f’ reading

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