as the normalzzz snore


as the normalzzz snore ( erons zzzlamron eht sa )

up before the dawn

& before rob halford

      pissing on the lawn

      as a blackbird stirs

scribbles in the head

by the blanks of the river

      barking with the snarks

      on a park’s seesaw

when the then is zen

yet an impish ape

      as the normalzzz snore

      for software updates

larking in the dark

in the parliament of owls

      sipping milky tea

      rosy like the clover

up before the cockerels

cock-a-doodle doo

      shepherds spot the leopards

      as the cowherds moo

down in the dingles

squawking on the moors

      in between the doggers

      & the early morning joggers

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