rhyming the wave


rhyming the wave ( evaw eht gnimyhr )

positron a paradox
post another pillarbox
sailing on a dawning sea
up before the nobs ‘n’ cocks

roaming in the fields of gist
knickers in the river twist
guess the rest ‘n’ yonder’s he
– pan’s the antlers in the mist

as the stream of brainless glooms
spinning tails in sitting rooms
prosody’s an odyssey
tallis lives & music blooms

tosser television blurbs
blossom noons the vernal verbs
birds in baths ‘n’ bubble tea
while a wilder garlic herbs

dashing dots, the whats ‘n’ whys
watching as a hoglet flies
from a hedge for watching we
squawking under pickled skies

’til the moon is mooning cheeks
marbleous, the martian peaks
when the lark is larking be
in the garden, fixing leeks

( author nodes )

shadow-banned by wrong’uns

with shite on their tongue

& nought but darkness

where their heart should be

while worse things happen at sea

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