a pen as a paddle


a pen as a paddle ( elddap a sa nep a

a quest in a question
a quivering bow
the nadgers of badgers
a blithering flow

a ripple, a river
a rabbit, a hare
a ponder of yonder
the over in there

the answer is antlers
a staggering stag
the moon is retreating
& waving a flag

the sooner in later
is opening doors
a tisket, a biscuit
a tusking of boars

the scramble is egging
a cracking of chick
if easter is wester
in tockings of tick

the kettle is settled
the storm’s in the tea
the morning is forming
a puzzle in me

a pen as a paddle
a sword & a sun
a puddle of piddle
a bubble, a gun

the riddle is rubber
a cock of a hen
the rest is the scribbles
of mizzle in men

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