goodnight spool world


goodnight spool world ( dlrow loops thgindoog )

scribble drips ‘n’ drops

      dribble drops ‘n’ drips

pencil cases, rubbers, races

      chasing paperclips

piddle pens ‘n’ pads

      paddle pads ‘n’ pens

pleasant peasants picking peppers

      pheasants pecking hens

plodding queues ‘n’ peas

      podding peas ‘n’ queues

rabid badgers, bat ‘n’ quaggas

     shrews in dancing shoes

hobble hops ‘n’ skips

      wobble skips ‘n’ hops

thicket sticking, tangled brambles

      shitting in a copse

running ups ‘n’ downs

      coming downs ‘n’ ups

feathered weather, flutter fingers

      spreading butter cups

prudent suns ‘n’ moons

      mutant moons ‘n’ suns

yawning orblet’s, phantom plasma

      zapping laser guns

killing time ‘n’ tea

      spilling tea ‘n’ time

fading places, ticking faces

      froglets boxing rhyme

speeding streams ‘n’ brains

      steaming brains ‘n’ streams

betty swollocks chatters bollocks

      ’til the gland of dreams

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