instructional ( lanoitcurtsni )

buckle down ‘n’ settle up
spread it like a buttercup
bend the ends & then begin
stir a circle, sip a sup

pressing enter – add a four
dance a rustic rumba or
string a caterwaul in e
ring the bell beside the door

find a spot within the clouds
sleep until the thunder shrouds
storming thoughts upon the sea
laughing as the madding crowds

faraway ‘n’ see below
barking as the breezes crow
blow a sugar paper plane
trace the riddled river’s flow

may contain an onion’s tears
thigh of newt or goblin ears
saturdays ‘n’ thatterways
use before it disappears

light the night ‘n’ kiss a flame
screw the phantom formless frame
with a lightning anchor bolt
play the rest & guess the game

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