bonfire nightmare


bonfire nightmare ( eramthgin erifnob )

black magic thunder

      shades of the somme

blitz with aplomb

      & the band slayed on

bang, bang, boom

      clangs the clamour & the doom

louder than a thousand

      brian bloody blesseds

sounding it off

      with a million ian paisleys

roman candles pop

      so the crackles snap

jumping jacks reel

      catherine’s in her wheel

sparklers in the garden

      bonfire night

normalzzz umm ‘n’ arrh

      hypnotised by shite

toffee apple twats

      gasp in wanker bobble hats

we’re indoors

      hiding from the wars

shell shocked dog

      cat in a flap

more tea, vicar?

      mister molotov?

penny for the guy?

      here’s a fiver – fuck off

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