head over heliotropes


head over heliotropes ( seportoileh revo daeh )

beginning in the midlands

the sun behind your eyes

      a stick in the muddle

      a bubble teapot

a pebble in my pocket

speckled like a frog

      in the throat of a stoat

      & another morning floats

as the catkins nap

listen, siskins sing

      the present is a pheasant

      croaking like a toad

the past is pickled onions

& mint choc chip

      mind the bloody gap

      & the jibber-jabber’s trap

the future is a boot

a flutter & a flute

      fly through the shite

      of a deep blue night

reel as a wheel

then the milky way is silky

      the rest is reverie

      & everyone ate cornflakes

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