erm squirms …


erm squirms …

quizzical the quibbles jog
wander in the spawning fog

wonder under distant suns
like a cheetah with the runs

splatter natters in a pan
haring as the tortoise ran

where the air is paper thin
time is like an onion skin

pickled if the piper’s pied
skeletal yet bona fide

horse within the walls of troy
normalzz calls & bland ahoy

like a song beyond a swan
plod the shores of avalon

roundabouts is back again
dancing in the acid rain

badgers cadge another tab
if the jibbered blither’s jab

running from the daemon prick
clucking ’til the chickens click

mountain ash or rowan tree?
is a river poetry?

catch the bus but miss the boat
answers on a post-it-note

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