the stirring brrr

the game’s afoot – the foot’s a plot
the ‘rona crossed with mutant flus
a seven hundredth booster shot

the wank is back, the tosser’s spin
the shining shite upon the snooze
is beaming like a goblin’s grin

the even’ creeps, the morning rains
& all is balls ‘n’ cockatoos
escape the the chains of normalzzz brains

upon a wander in a wood
a traipse in tartan painted trews
a bobble hat beneath a hood

a skein is seen – a passing vee
is honking as the green adieus
the swearing air is victory

& bugger off ’til catkins purr
a farting partridge parps the blues
until’s a chill, the stirring brrr

is rising as a sliding scale
the letters bee in avenues
the end’s a bend & time’s a snail

a scatter graph, a spool of smoke
the numbers scrunch in twisted shrews
a stool of toads ’til crocus croak

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