splodge it & scarper


splodge it & scarper ( repracs & ti egdolps )

pluck a plum as if a lute
topple not saturnal crowns
flap away the fruits of may
blather nuts & gather nouns

up before a fall asleep
scrawling like a spider scribe
thinking like a kitchen sieve
live ‘n’ letters diatribe

when the hen’s a pecking pen
& the goblins gobble grapes
she’s a lizard lottery
mistress of the apes ‘n’ scrapes

i, the spillage idiom
riddle eight a choral clue
like a leaping salmon flies
brief is butter finger too

spilling bags of magic beans
dancing ants in pantomimes
turning topsy terpsichore
tossing ’til the wanker rhymes

see a sea of seven stars
strut a pheasant’s rusted gait
then the garden gargles green
giz a wave – & oscillate

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