oh, those bloody poemz


oh, those bloody poemz ( zmeop ydoolb esoht ,ho )

catch a feather pen
when the breeze is blowing so
as remember’s embers glow
squid the nib & then

sputterings of dust
spanners, spins ‘n’ spatulas
colanders ‘n’ calendars
rummages ‘n’ rust

scatterings of ash
passengers on paper planes
wobbles on a cobbled lane
scratches of a rash

aches ‘n’ scrapes of scrotes
jottings in a tosser’s log
tangents in the phantom fog
shapes of nature’s notes

music is the glue
oddness is an odyssey
prosody’s a lottery
fuck it, that’ll do

piddles in a pad
sinking with the kitchenette
piffle on the internet
scribbles of the mad

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