inner-nutshell ( & out the other )


inner-nutshell ( & out the other ) ( ( rehto eht tuo & ) llehstun-renni )

swans upon an interim

summer hums a winter hymn

wither weaves a tapestry

sputters dust ‘n’  flams the flim


in the realm of mizzle men

misery’s a piffle pen

rasps a gasping raspberry

whelms the whim of fizzle then


when the wren is but a crow

rivers run a backwards flow

flutter by the banks & see

sunken suns, an afterglow


broken odes & mirror lands

finger food for phantom hands

screwing loosened shrews in me

kitchen sinks in sinking sands


in between the peaking trough

whispers in the breezes scoff

dangle from a branching tree

spins the snug of bugger off


flopping forth in flaccid rain

death is pecking on the brain

storming like a cup of tea

’til the scribbles strike again

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