have you noticed too?


have you noticed too? ( ?oot deciton uoy evah )

song is cycles, spinning wheels
weeping while the onion peels

we, the piffled ink a path
clear the blear of scatter’s graph

see the warts & balls of all
scribble ’til the curtain’s call

spring is winter in disguise
under pickled onion skies

snow is flakes of frozen rain
roundabouts is back again

bounce upon this broken road
flap a bat & shat y’load

turn a bridge & burn a screw
salad is a language too

civil servants speak this tongue
like the snooze & breed in dung

kids in masks is child abuse
alcohol is cabbage juice

sport is adults playing games
war is sport with added flames

guns ‘n’ bombs – the ratings soar
like a pig – so die some more

kiss the coffers of cabals
weasel as the woodland gnarls

bread & butter fills a hole
television sucks the soul

covid is a cattle prod
cash is king – but not a god

scrawl, the world’s a pantomime
miss the drift but catch a rhyme

all the whirl’s a swishing well
normalzzz is a prison cell

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