owl be the judge of that


owl be the judge of that ( taht fo egduj eht eb lwo )

hooting in a fruitful forest
as the even’ blither runs

giz a twinkle – who’s the oddest?
– she is pickled onion suns

tooting, swooping, scratching, catching
roaring forward’s pantomime

i’m a student & a hatchling
she’s the raisin in the rhyme

novels plotting, foxes trotting
badgers dancing, boxes croak

she is sparkles, marbles tossing
wiser than the cunning folk

like the gleam in golden syrup
– giz a feather off y’wing

older than a choral chirrup
younger than the lambs of spring

gift a paddle & a hammer
rock of aegis, other sulis

lady of me hazy manor
giz a spanner on a rummage

shat a pellet, bring the mettle
in the attic of a morning

source of all – the rest’s a vessel
as another daze is dawning

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