rock ‘n’ roll poem


rock ‘n’ roll poem ( meop llor ‘n’ kcor )

rock ‘n’ roll a rockin’

& i’m rollin’ alright

with my rock ‘n’ roll sugar

on a saturday night

driving rollin’ wheels

& i’m feeling rockin’ great

with my rock ‘n’ roll honey

coz it’s nineteen fifty eight

roll a rock a rollin’

underneath a rockin’ star

with a rock ‘n’ roll quiff

& a rock ‘n’ roll guitar

rock a rock a rollin’

like a rollin’ rockin’ horse

or a cabbage in the attic

on a rockin’ chair – of course

rock ‘n’ roll a rollin’

in a twenty twenty one

rockin’ & a rollin’

but my memory has gone

in a rockin’ nursing home

with my long bald hair

& my long dead baby

but we just don’t care

( yeah )

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