shat’s all folks


shat’s all folks ( sklof lla s’tahs )

sing a song of unsung

with a tungsten tongue

bee a beast of burden

’til the seed is dung

spinning in the stillness

swimming in the cack

light another candle

brighten up the black

flippin’ ‘eck – it’s morning

flying like a fly

fuckin’ ‘ell – it’s evening

time is swirling bye

let’s begin again then

chase another tale

once upon a stumble

so the glowing pale

spark another roll-up

lark a flaccid wing

whistle in the doldrums

’til the winter’s spring

as the jammy dodgers

scribble on with glee

parping in the parlour


i’m up in the attic

gawping at the wall

waiting for minerva

– writing bugger all

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