twenty, twenty, gone


twenty, twenty, gone ( enog ,ytnewt ,ytnewt )

a roger up the buggered rear
a sausage of a sodding year
a little lizard’s lottery
it’s crystal cricket vision here

a paddle in the riddle’s pooh
another loosened mutant shrew
the flapping karens cancelled me
& nanna got the phantom flu

& so the rabid weasels rained
but cabbage poetry sustained
as muzzles masked the cattle “free”
& planet earth is shackle-chained

the droning global scrotums lie
so more will stumble, fall & die
so let the bumbled normalzzzz bee
& we will spread a butterfly

the road’s a fork, a bendy swan
it’s torque is twenty, twenty, gone
the past’s a rotten apple tree
& inkling scribbles bubble on

& fuck the piddle bucket’s list
with knotted knickers in a twist
the yawning dawn is calling thee
beyond the fog of yonder’s mist

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