dreaming of sweden


dreaming of sweden ( nredewds fo gnimaerd )

i’m dreaming of sweden
whilst eating ryvita
the land of ikea
of blondes & long summers
of forests & saunas
with winters of darkness
but england is darker
& britain is sinking
the nordics are calling
europa is falling
& earth’s in the clutches
of globalist quislings
& pantomime horseplay
so flee east of norway
as ace of base, abba
& stockholm – her syndromes
are chirping like hatchlings
i listen & harken
the garden’s in tangles
with thorns on the brambles
the cure is far worser
a scourge of a killer
as curtains are twitching
& tossers bang pots
the plot is all rotten
the dross at the bottom
so come & run, reader
& leg it with me
we’ll peg from the sniffles
& fuck this scamdemic
beeĀ free from the sheeple
& wankers in masks

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