flimflamdemia fatigue


flimflamdemia fatigue  (  eugitaf aimedmalfmilf  )


asses ‘n’ gasses ‘n’ muzzle the masses

sing in a spin of the onions in pickles

eagles in trusses & sheeple on busses

larks in the garden – a shit in the thistles

weasels deceiving as beetles are heaving

dung in a dungeon, the rubber of riddles

puppets in pockets & lizards in lockets

muppets are lapping the pap of the piffles

piss in the papers – the barrels, the scrapers

lions not liars – the pricks in the middles

tossers are turning, the blither is burning

earth in a flap with a touch of the sniffles

( oh no )




( author notes )

” worse things happen at sea, you know “

( eric idle )

































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