jammy dodgers snore


jammy dodgers snore  (  erons sergdod ymmaj  )



bats within the brain

boxing frogs & hare’s the air

wide awake again


rise & shite a light

river shine, the moon in bloom

sleepless is the night


piss another drink

satellites & candles bright

ink a kitchen sink


sail a lunar sea

bubbles fizz & scribbles fuzz

buzz a bumblebee


britain’s mitten glove

badgers, stars & handlebars

marmalade above


scale a hill – or tor

hark, a little owlets howls

jammy dodgers snore


dripping droplets sweat

dot the dots as foxes trot

like a sloth on ‘phet


rove until the spun

spirals spider spanner stuff

doze beyond the sun





































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