kicking sleep


kicking sleep  (  peels gnikcik  )


kicking sleep in twenty twenty

see the phantom sniffles flap

pantomimes in formless august

muzzled flocks in morrisons

faceless wraiths upon the buses

tremble like an autumn leaf

bee the breeze & sing a winter

greener than the frogs on mars

lark the herald bellends knelling

shrew the spew upon the snooze

sisyphus’ spawn is crawling

clasping straws & falling down

roundabouts the ground is shifting

doggerland is rising now

london bridge is underwater

swimming with the seals & eels

see the fog of misted vistas

twist the gift of sinking sand

anti’s pro if pro is anti

so the global scrotums yoke

choking chickens, spanking gibbons

bend the knee & be a mug

sipping tea – the blend is bendy

kicking sleep in twenty twenty










































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