eater of whirls


eater of whirls  (  slrihw fo retae  )


stone the prose, crow a caw

burn the key, spurn a door

phantoms forms interpose


catch a cloud, scratch a nap

flap aloud, dance a map

clattertrap twinkle toes


mist the bus, fog a dog

spanner man, analogue

box the frog, frozen flows


quizzes swish, ask anon

river run, kiss a swan

topple on dominoes


flippin’ eck, bugger me

chicken necks, shrubbery

bumblebees up me nose


( embers glowed, onions wept

roses snowed, petals crept

overslept undertows )





( author notes )


corona is a scam

& anyone that thinks otherwise

is a fucking mug















































































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