the song beyond

the song beyond  (  dnoyeb gnos eht  )


the song beyond is calling me

the sun, a hum – a bumblebee

a creaking door, the siren air

the gift of mist & bright’s the hare

a lark, a hark & sound around

the squelching belch of sodden ground

a river roars a choral flow

a spinning hymn – the roses glow

a scattering – a burst of bird

it’s lyrical – but not a word

the pageantry – the pipes of pan

as weasels pop the shite of man

& badgers dance a reelsome eight

the otter opera’s oscillate

the wave’s refrain is gravy trains

& floating notes in hazy brains

a knelling bell, a singing swan

the end’s a bend & springing on’s

the out again – the never’s death

the pounding rain, a hatchling’s breath

this music in the mutant glue

a sort of shrew within y’ shoe

a rising sky, a falling tree

the song beyond is calling me



( author notes )

apologies if you’re reading this poem

& there’s an advert about 2/3 of the way down

like what when i read it & that

breaking up the flow

but that said …

i don’t have any say over the ads

& make eff-all money off this site

( bar the odd book purchase that might come from a reader on here )

so blame automattic

the parent company of wordpress, tumblr, gravatar

& some other sinister minions

that’s they’re doing, not mine

( peace )















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