storming on ( no gnimorts )


storming on ( no gnimorts )


i see bows of moon
in mutant june
the night’s a ghost
a spook & a loon
& i ink to my self
as a spanner is hurled


i scree skies of red
the woodlands howl
as thunder drums
the wind’s an owl
& i sink on my shelf
as the scatters are swirled


the hedgehogs in the hedgerows
an echo in the dark
the taps upon the windows
the splatters of a lark


i piss on in a pot
nut a bolt in the blue
the sunshine is raining
this shite is glue


i pee birds in words
the air is dust
the lightning’s bright
in sod we rust
as the garden is dark
in the pool of the whirled
& i sing to my elf
– what’s the weather like
where you are?


( o h  y e a h )







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