june is blue


june is blue

witches whisper in the head
kiss the dawn as spring is dead
summers tongue is licking lead
all is balls & that-err-way
wizards wisp, the rivers glow
fingers slip in blossom’s snow
winter lives – so circle crow
adders laugh as branches sway
breezes wheeze as brambles tear
rabbits jack the jumble’s hare
thunder mumbles spin the air
badgers dance a cabaret
scribble eye with squiggled ink
rising as the kitchens sink
sleep is speaking – hatch a wink
scratch a star & lark the day
puddles splash from passing cars
clasp y’ phantom handlebars
still the birds & trar-luh-lars
bursts beyond the thirsts of may
jig within the gargle’s green
gasping as the gardens bean
shifting shafts of in between
june is blue & shapes of grey

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