dog star, dog star


dog star, dog star

jackdaw, jackdaw
jam ‘n’ cabbage sandwiches
black door, black door
skeletons ‘n’ keys
headlight, headlight
haversacks of happenstance
red mite, red mite
buttercups ‘n’ bees
sandpit, sandpit
pheasants on a crescent moon
sanskrit, sanskrit
supernova glue
slo-mo, slo-mo
operation bubblewrap
oboe, oboe
nut the bolting blue
grey day, grey day
unicorns in uniforms
waylay, waylay
little lettuce gem
griffin, griffin
hieroglyphic hierophant
pigeon, pigeon
spitting flemish phlegm
green man, green man
badger bones ‘n’ saxophones
queen anne, queen anne
robbing robin hood
box car, box car
catalytic camouflage
dog star, dog star
barking in a wood


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