caterwauls & canticles


caterwauls & canticles  (  selcitnac & sluawretac  )

animals & minerals

swing the axe of intervals

swans upon an oracle

sybils of the syllables

water clocks & chronicles

box the hares of follicles

kippers in a mackerel sky

spy the eyes of monocles

swivel chairs & musicals

podded peas & cubicles

prosody in cotton socks

christenings in funerals

vesta, vests & vegetables

scatter graphs & tentacles

camping on a mutant moon

kiss the mist of spectacles

rubber ducks & bicycles

penning then of tricycles

springing with the winter wren

thawing with the icicles

caterwauls & canticles

faster flap the madrigals

cousins of the cul-de-sac

singing on sabbaticals



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