a door of snorts


a door of snorts  (  strons fo rood a  )

a door of snorts, the hinges squeak

a misted tide of hide & sneak

the quills & hills of ups 'n' down

& tumble tongues of august's speak

a squawk 'n' spins within the fog

aurora yawns in analogue

a flap of cats, a thistle crown

a whisper in the hedge of hog

& yonder swan with legs of lead

with trad-anon within y' head

the pasture's plods beyond the town

as phantoms call with balls of thread

but still the leas, the snuff of glue

a trudge of fudge, a sodden dew

a morning in an evening gown

a vaulting vole, a loosened shrew

the shrouded clouds of bottles fly

& birds of blue's the mutant sky

the sun is spun, a burning frown

a dove above the dog & i

a song upon a hillock's peak

the wanders of a wonky week

the sea of green before the brown

a door of snorts, the hinges squeak



( author notes )

yet more variations on a theme from last month

cheers for reading



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