with y’ elf


with y’ elf  (  fle ‘y htiw  )

mumble with y' elf

squawk before the dawn

utter buttercups

nutters stalk the morn

stumble with y' elf

bumble with the bees

cackle cabbage fly

scry above the trees

whistle with y' elf

whip the wind of south

west the eastern north

source the river's mouth

mizzle with y' elf

drizzle drips of hymns

drum the beat of feet

rhythm spins the limbs

chuckle with y' elf

grin the green of noon

neath the woodland's beams

'til the blooming moon

blossoms of an eve

plod the what's & where's

village weasels spy

knives within their stares

stagger with y' elf

drain the brain of dross

on a cobbled lane

blather salad toss

wander with y' elf

in a coat of grey

chase the phantom crows

flap & float away



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