in the clear


in the clear  (  raelc eht ni  )

bubbles tickle tips of tongues

on a wander from the shop

sipping sups of ginger beer

underneath a swarming orb

in the pantaloons of noon

on a bridge, above the weir

toast the flow, the river roars

mud as blood & howls of brown

bucking beasts of water here

bucket off beneath the blue

satellites switch on the lights

sunward strings the puppeteer

in the dell - a knelling bell

baas upon a breeze's sneeze

tingles in the inner-ear

oceans groan as swallows swish

roses glow & phantoms dart

martens, hark & swift a gear

clouds unshroud & so an ode

or a sort of warbled hymn

in the clear of morning's blear

spiders climb the drains again

buttercup's the fuddled lane

puddles shrink - & disappear



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