a spawning dawn


a spawning dawn  (  nwad gninwaps a  )

a spawning dawn, a cloak of oak

the tingles of the teasel's thorns

the claws of crows & phantoms croak

of ants in pants & socrates

in pantomime - in attica

within a wood, a swan a breeze

a kite of pipes, a peaking trough

the barking gnarls of derbyshire

a daze the shade of stroganoff

upon the leas - a badger, hark

a walrus in a walnut tree

a fleet of frogs & joan of arc

the sound of clouds, the pound of ooze

upon the toad to mandalay

a flute of newts & speckled dogs

a sort of door, a yawning fawn

an otter in a glossary

the blear of deer - a spawning dawn



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