the truth about spiders


the truth about spiders  (  sredips tuoba hturt eht  )

spiders are an arachnid

like the scorpion

spiders crawl with eight legs

& six phantom limbs

spiders are silent

but speak all the tongues

spiders live on marzipan

pickled eggs & coleslaw

spiders sleep in garden sheds

      or underneath your futon      

spiders dance the cancan

& play the ukulele

spiders cry at christenings

but laugh at funerals - too

spiders write erotic haiku

on the backs of first class stamps

spiders run the b.b.c

the w.i & the caravan club

spiders rise in sunshine

but melt in the rain

spiders on the brain again

spiders, spiders, spiders

spiders, spiders, spiders




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