fruit en route


fruit en route  (  etuor ne tiurf  )

olives on an odyssey

off & gone

carrot tops are dangling

on, on, on

gooseberries upon the breeze

mango glow

juniper, the musical

go, go, go

peaches on a pebble beach

pears hare by

sing the song of cabbages

fly, fly, fly

cherries on a ferry hop

dates daydream

rivers ripple raspberries

gleam, gleam, gleam

lemons in the heavens suck

figs in space

elderberry bustle bus

chase, chase, chase

cantaloupes are cantering

clip, clop, clap

scatter graphs & cucumbers

flap, flap, flap

vegetable receptacle

pea pods shoot

apples in the saddle wax

fruit en route

underneath the onion sun

shot spud gun

nectarines are legging it

run, run, run



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