beyond the peas


beyond the peas  (  saep eht dnoyeb  )

beneath the glum of fiddle dum

the portents scrawl to kingdom scum

the sun's the star

of trar-luh-lar

as orchards hang & bang's a drum

within the squirms of earthen toss

the tripe of the likes, the writes of doss

the broken bones

the drones of clones

a drip of piss, a pint of dross

upon the song of flaccid rain

& squiggles of the lizard brain

the surface soil

as saucepans boil

a dream unseen - it's beige again

a yawn is born, the squall of squibs

a trickling of tickled ribs

a stickleback

a sack o' cack

the pilfering of pilchard nibs

beyond the peas of tees & hees

& limericks of chortled cheese

the normalz sorts

guffaws & snorts

for weasels with lobotomies

i ode to glow & lick the moon

& dance the ants of pantaloon

a pad, a pen

a scrap & then

the nadgers of a splattered loon



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