blue bellwether maps


blue bellwether maps  (  spam rehtewlleb eulb  )

cloud shroud scatter graph

cracked black badger dance

anthill alibi

fly sky dragon snaps

cow brown trouser press

cowslip riverbed

high tide lententide

piss patch pigeon flaps

glow ghost bumblebee

breeze blow sticklebacks

whiplash appletree

catnip parallax

lamb sprang kitchenette

jackdaw vortices

four cawed choruses

all thaw dribble taps

flimflam phantom limb

syntax sinking sand

bright white poltergeists

quills fill creaking cracks

snow song, winter rose

tin can tinsel toes

tossed frost fiddlesticks

sad sack saddlewax

gleam green salad bowl

stroll roll hilliness

headfuck hitherto

blue bellwether maps


ten red elephants

goosegrass tangles not

frog hop blossoming

sing spring, spill the gaps



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