things to do on saturday


things to do on saturday  (  yadrutas no od ot sgniht  )

burble with a burst of words

circle as a bird of prey

sit upon a tuffet's tuft

eating easter, curds & whey

plod the leas of glasses gleam

tingles in the d.n.a

rub y' chin with buttercups

pucker up as branches sway

paint the sky in shades of beige

everything's a passageway

lightning strikes a gilded cage

irk the scourge of faraday

swoon beneath a silver moon

beaming like a laser ray

potter of an afternoon

snooze the latest matinee

mumble in a bubble's bath

water falls & runaway

marbleous, this carpentry

stumbles in the underlay

sip a sup of mourning tea

once upon a dossier

steaming mugs & storming cups

in a spin as potter's clay

squiggle on with bits of list

paper planes & throwaway

roam the gloam & seek the sea

hit the ships & stowaway

weasels weave as badgers dance

in this bastard cabaret

sunken suns & sniffing glue

things to do on saturday



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