just another tuesday poem


just another tuesday poem  (  meop yadseut rehtona tsuj  )

sheets & shrouds of clouds

brown is england's pheasant gland

sunk beneath this grey

blurting bursts of birds

burble on a gurgled breeze

needles in the hay

shite is on t.v

spiders in the attic feast

eating curds & whey

spectres in the head

chatters, chimes & diatribes

clattering away

weasels prowl the town

spittle spins the village rats

squirrels in their drey

sleep as shepherds bleat

phantoms flap in chapels black

scraps as mantis prey

shades of beige eclipse

stand y' still like river mist

why choose night, tuesday?

as inside hide i

rubber walls & sipping chai

bugger all to say



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