alphabet antennae


alphabet antennae  (  a  p o e t r y  )

alphabet antennae

blasting badger babylon

christmas crystal crows

diabetic dogs

even easter's eggheads

farting farthing funerals

galloping goshawks

horus's horsefly

iodine is inkling

j'accuse jim's jacuzzi jam

kipper kilowatts

lemon leper lords

musical, my mudflaps

nibiru's new noodle nest

otter obelisks

pyrotechnic plums

quoting quagga quince queens

ruffle rubber river run

seven silver swans

tonsil tonguing toads

unicorn urinals

vintage viking valium

weasels waxing wings

xanadu's xenon

yodel yeti yeoman

zither zephyr zulu zeus

( zzzzzzz )



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